School Management Committee

The RTE Act, envisaged that parental involvement in children’s education through School Management Committees will improve governance at the school level and subsequently improve learning outcomes. SMCs have been given power to plan for the expenditure of money at the school level and monitor school level activities – such as teacher attendance, the Mid-Day Meal process amongst other things. They were formed to accelerate the process of a bottom – up planning and formed an important link in the process of decentralized planning, implementation and monitoring in the education system.

As per the RTE, the school management committee (SMC) has a participation of women, staff and representative of local government. The meetings are held in accordance to the legal requirements. We have a robust and proactive SMC.
The SMC actively participates in the management of school functions and supports various activities (annual day organizing).

We salute our engaged and conscious parent body. We welcome suggestions.

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