Community Interventions

Bilingual approach & parent partnership.

Educo’s mission is to create a school which is in every sense a Joint Venture between the parents and the NGO. We recognize the role of the parent being integral to the development of the child. The landmark Right to Education Bill 2009 further reinforces the crucial role of parents as stakeholders in the school via the School Management Committee. All parents are expected to be in full communication with the school, attend all meetings and be understanding the philosophy on which the school is based. We salute the parents and believe that well aware and enlightened parent body that supports the endeavours of Educo, is the impetus the school needs to achieve its vision.

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The strong support and co operation of the parents over the years has channeled the growth of the school to what it is today.

Educo at Saibabapath are ensuring the following facilities to the children:

  • Caring and concerned teachers
  • Open Communication lines with both teachers and management.
  • Safety and security of children
  • Academic progress in English, Science and Computers
  • Bilingual approach
  • Free of cost/ no donations/extra charges
  • Walking access/neighbourhood school

Not only are we fully engaged with the parents but also have a good standing in the community. The local representatives of the community share a good rapport with the school parents and management.

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