The pedagogy(science of teaching) at Saibabapath MPS is the constructivist approach. In the old days we used to assume that child comes to class to learn from the teacher with a clean slate. Constructivist approach however advocates that teacher has to understand how the child learns. Therefore child is not  a blank slate but comes with a lot of knowledge and experience which he gains through social interactions with friends and family. So constructivism emphasizes not teaching but facilitating the learning process of the child. Therefore teacher is a facilitator and role of the teacher is to create a conducive learning environment in the classroom. Therefore the teaching methodology also reinforces experiential, colloborative and co operative learning. This is also advocated by National curriculum Framework and based on the philosophy of Piaget and Vygotsky.

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We follow NCF and our efforts towards developing constructive approach which is evolving as its based of experiential active learning. We therefore have created student centred classroom and we provide opportunities for children activity based approach.


The key tenets of NCF are

  1. Going beyond the textbook
  2. Relate education to day to day life


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