School Support Program

Educo is deeply grateful to the MCGM Public Private Partnership Cell under whose umbrella the School Support Program is run. It is a true partnership between the government and individual. We have been working with the MCGM since 2008, and this partnership has allowed us to make an impact on the Lalbaug community.

Under the guidance of the MCGM, the children at Saibaba Path MPS enjoy the following facilities:

  • The MCGM has recently undertaken a massive renovation of the school and, as a result, the school is looking as if it is new.
  • The school has one of the largest open grounds in the ward.
  • The government provides many facilities such as school supplies, a midday meal and much more. The government provides professional security services and housekeeping facilities.
  • Many sports and extracurricular initiatives are available via the MCGM education department. Our children have excelled in the sports and theatre activities.

Educo’s management ensures that we are strictly compliant with all the rules and regulations of the MCGM.

We are also abreast with the developments of RTE its compliances in the school environment.

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