HR Policy

Our HR policy validates and emphasizes the individual contribution to the organization. The place of work for the Educo teachers is comfortable and an avenue for self actualization. It is a workplace that one is proud to be a member of with a feeling of ownership and joy.We ensure we create an environment conducive to personal growth of each and every employee. Our workplace is also oneĀ  with a positive outlook, freedom to express, explore ones creativity and grow to ones full potential.

The teachers also have a position of respect both in the school and the community. We offer salaries commensurate to the market.

Since we are an organization that is scaling we also offer the opportunity to grow along with us. There is a culture of continuous learning and a clear career path for all teachers. Regular experts are also brought in to ensure on the job upgradation of skills and we have constant on the job training.

We have a maternity policy in place.

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