As we are a young and fast growing NGO we are looking for funds for the following requirements:

  1. Contribute to corpus. 
    Long term impact and sustainability of our school depends on its corpus. We request you to empower us by donating to our corpus.
  2. Hiring, retaining and training of quality teachers.
    The most important factor for the success of the school are our teachers. The committed and devoted staff ensure the children are in a nurturing environment within the four walls of the school. The parent teacher relationships beyond the four walls of the school, in the form of community visits, ensure the well being of the children and create a close knit relationship that further binds our community to us. Our teachers are not only our ambassadors, but they are the ones that have helped the school to grow from strength to strength.
  1. Robust sports development program.
    Sports being important for development of child, educo, has a robust sports program to continuously engage kids in local indigenous sports along with mainstream international games throughout the year. For eg: Khokho, Kabaddi, langadi, Lagori, Chess, Football, Choi qwong do, Pickle ball, Atheletics, Badminton, Fencing etc.
  2. Investing in scale up processes.
    Being a fast growing NGO capacity building is an important factor for ensuring a robust and compliant organization.
  1. Classroom infrastructure & modernisation.
    The student to teacher ratio in pre- primary and primary medium is 15:1 and 20:1 respectively. Taking an aggressive IT & tech savvy approach we teach computer skills to children from 1st standard itself, thereby, narrowing the disparity between these kids and middle class privileged children. We operate within the framework of NCF and RTE to provide the best holistic approach in education.
  2. Development of arts & music program.
    Every child has a talent and interest. We only need to give them an opportunity to explore and try different things. Arts & music form an integral part of learning and they might be one of the reason or interest for a child to pursue his education and development. We want their creative juices flowing at an early age.

The benefits we can offer are:

1. Branding and visibility.
2. An opportunity to volunteer and engage in community programs.

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